Gino DiMaio: Vocals & Keyboard - Gino started his singing career in the early 60s with the "Citations". Later he performed with various bands including, the "Music Gallery" and also performed as a solo act at Angelica's in Middleton, MA.   Gino states, "I hope to finish my career with with one of the finest show bands around, '60s Invasion!"

Jack Little: Bass Guitar & Vocals - Jack's extensive background in brass instruments and his love of jazz brought him around several jazz ensembles during the late 70s, and eventually led him to studying bass guitar. Jack has performed original music with Paintbox, at such venues as Bunratty's, Grover's, Club III, and the Channel in Boston. Jack admits, "I thought about playing cello, but girls don't dig guys who play cello."

Artie Shannon: Drums & Vocals - Artie's passion for drumming spans 50 plus years. Specializing in traditional and rudimental styles. First performing with the "G-Clefs" which lead to many local Rock, R&B and Funk Bands of the 80's + 90's. Artie also performs with the Crusaders Senior Drum&Bugle Corp and The Legends Drum Line, which were both featured recently at the United States Association Of Rudimental Drummers.

Rich Ranalli: Guitar & Vocals - Rich began his musical odyssey with a trumpet at the young age of 9.  Realizing by age 14 that playing electric guitar was a far cooler way to spend time, meet other cool people and generally be cool, Rich started in his first band and has continued ever since, performing with various projects from original material to general business, most recently with "The Sound Decision Band". Like Gino, Rich is excited to have become a part of the most fun project he's ever been in...Sixties Invasion!

Jake Smith: Guitar, Keyboard & Vocals - Jake  holds a BM from the world-renowned Berklee College of Music. He teaches and performs extensively with various ensembles throughout New England.  He is also a member of the Deep Blue "C" Studio Orchestra. Although Jake wasn't around in the '60's, he will convince you otherwise through his captivating lead guitar solos and showmanship.