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2022 Show Schedule

June  25            Sat        7:00pm      Town Hall (not the Meeting House)...Francestown, NH *Please come join us in celebrating Francestown's 250th Birthday!

July  6               Wed      6:00pm       Town Park (Gazebo)...Bedford, NH

July  7               Thurs   6:30pm       Memorial Park...Scarborough, ME

July  20            Wed      6:00pm       Town Green Gazebo...Andover, MA

July 24             Sun       6:00pm        Tilton School Amphitheater...Tilton, NH  *Note: Tilton Island is closed

July  28            Thurs   6:30pm        Kelley Park...Bristol, NH

August  3        Wed       6:30pm       Town Gazebo...Plymouth, NH

August  7        Sun        6:30pm        Ellis Park...York Beach, ME  **Cancelled due to heavy rains and Thunderstorms! (We will update if a new date becomes available at York Beach)

August  27      Sat        6:30pm         Town Gazebo...North Woodstock, NH

October  11    Tues                            *Private Function (Class Reunion) Atkinson Country Club...Atkinson, NH

December  31  Sat      7:00pm          New Year's Eve...Rockport, MA                      

2021 Show Schedule

July 18            Sun         4:00pm      Old Meeting house...Francestown, NH

July 21            wed        6:30pm        Town Gazebo...Plymouth, NH

July 25            Sun        6:00pm        Hartwell Gazebo...Tilton, NH

August 4       Wed       6:00pm        Town Gazebo...Andover, MA     *Rain Date Thursday, August 5 NOTICE..**WED+THURS HAVE BEEN CANCELLED DUE TO THREAT OF RAIN...New Date is August 25  WED

August 8       Sun        6:30pm         Ellis Park...York Beach, ME

August 11      Wed       6:00pm        Town Park...Bedford, NH

August 25     Wed       6:00pm        Town Gazebo (Green)...Andover, MA

August 28     Sat         6:30pm         Town Gazebo...N.Woodstock, NH

November 4  Thurs   12:00pm       Danversport Yacht Club...Danvers, MA

November 27  Sat      12:00pm       Christmas Parade...North Andover, MA

November 28  Sun     1:00pm          Christmas Parade...Andover, MA

December 31  Fri         7:00pm         New Year's Eve...Rockport, MA  **CANCELLED DUE TO CORONAVIRUS

 2020 Show Schedule

DBT                                                 Synagogue...Concord, NH  *Private Function  **CANCELLED DUE TO CORONAVIRUS

July 22             Wed         6:00pm        Town Park...Bedford, NH

July 25             Sat           6:30pm         Franklin, NH...*Private Function

 July 26            Sun          6:00pm        Hartwell Gazebo...Tilton, NH

July 29             Wed         7:00pm         Emerson Park...Milford, NH   

August 2        Sun          6:30pm         Ellis Park...York Beach..York, ME  **CANCELLED DUE TO CORONAVIRUS

August 5        Wed         6:00PM         Town Gazebo...Andover, MA  **CANCELLED TO CORONAVIRUS

August 29       Sat          6:30pm         Town Gazebo...N.Woodstock, NH  **RAINED OUT

November 10  Tues                                Danversport Yacht Club...Danvers, MA  **CANCELLED DUE TO CORONAVIRUS

December 31   Thurs                             New Year's Eve...Rockport, MA  **CANCELLED DUE TO CORONAVIRUS

2019 Show Schedule

May 11            Sat                                    Synagogue...Concord, NH   *Private Function

June 12          Wed         6:30pm         Weston Town Green(Ice Cream Social)...Weston, MA

June 27          Thurs     6:00pm          Kimball Library Courtyard...Atkinson, NH

July 3             Wed          6:30pm          Memorial Park...Scarborough, ME

July 7             Sun           6;00pm         Town Park...North Andover, MA

July 17           Wed          6:30pm          Town Gazebo...Plymouth, NH

July 18           Thurs      6:30pm          Field Of Dreams...Salem, NH

July 28           Sun           6:00pm         Hartwell Gazebo...Tilton, NH

July 31            Wed          6:30pm         Town Park...Wilmington, MA        *Rain Date  8/1

August 4      Sun            6:30pm         Ellis Park...York Beach..York, ME

August 7       Wed          6:00pm        Town Park...Bedford, NH

August 13     Tues          7:00pm         Greely Park...Nashua, NH

August 24     Sat            6:30pm         Town Gazebo...N.Woodstock, NH

November  30  Sat        12:00pm       Christmas Parade...North Andover, MA

December  1    Sun         1:00pm         Christmas Parade...Andover, MA

December 11  Wed                                Danversport Yacht Club...Danvers, MA

December 31  Tues       6:00pm          New Year's Eve...Rockport, MA  (Spiran Hall-2nd Floor)

2018 Show Schedule

June 28          Thurs.      6:00pm          Kimball Library Courtyard..Atkinson, NH  

July  11            Wed.         6:00pm          Town Gazebo...Andover, MA

July 15            Sun.          6:00pm           Town Park...North Andover, MA

July  20           Fri.            7:00pm           Greely Park...Nashua, NH

July  22           Sun.          6:00pm           Hartwell Gazebo...Tilton, NH

July 25           Wed.          7:00pm           Town Gazebo...Plymouth, NH

July 29          Sun.           2:00pm           Winikini Castle...Haverhill, MA

August  5       Sun.          7:00pm           Ellis Park...York Beach..York, ME

August  9      Thurs.      7:00pm           Eagle Square...Concord, NH

August  17     Fri.            7:00pm           Town Gazebo...Center Harbor, NH

August 25     Sat.            6:30 pm           Town Gazebo...N.Woodstock, NH

October  6    Sat.          11:30am + 2:30pm   Sandwich Fair..Sandwich, NH

October  12  Fri.           7:30pm         Star Theater..Kittery. ME -Special Concert with the Studio 2 Beatle Tribute Band!  Call Kittery Community Center for tickets

November  24  Sat.        12:00pm        Christmas Parade...North Andover, MA

November  25  Sun.       1:00pm          Christmas Parade...Andover, MA

December  31  Mon     -New Year's Eve...Rockport, MA *Unfortunately, We will not be performing in Rockport this year! **We will be back in Rockport Next Year!!   Our Sincerest Apologies! Happy new year to all!